Here’s a brainteaser to see how much you know about penguins! The
answers will be shown on the bottom- don’t peek!

1) Why are penguins black and white?
A. They got a party invitation
B. It makes them harder to see
C. They’re color blind

2) Which penguin has the name of a Pasta?
A. Tortellini
B. Spaghetti
C. Macaroni

3) Little Penguins are also known as:
A. Fairies
B. Angels
C. Magicians

4) How deep can a penguin dive?
A. 1500 feet
B. 500 feet
C. 50 feet

5) Where do penguins live?
A. In the snow and ice
B. In the forest
C. In the desert
D. All of the above

6) How fast can a penguin swim?
A. 50 miles per hour
B. 5 miles per hour
C. They’d rather walk

7) If you were to slide down a hill like a penguin would you:
A. Snowboard
B. Ski
C. Toboggan

Bonus Question: True or False- Polar Bears eat Penguins.



1) B. Scientists believe that the black and white pattern (common in many
marine animals) is a way to avoid being seen in the water. From above, a
dark back is hard to see. Similarly, a white belly is hard to see against the

2) C. The Macaroni Penguin is named for its long yellow head plumes which
reminded early whalers of the famous song, “Yankee Doodle Dandy” - as in
“...put a feather in his cap and called it Macaroni.”

3) A. Little Penguins are also known in Australia as “Fairy Penguins” because
of their small size - and maybe because they’re cute! These are the
smallest penguins in the world - no more than about 16” inches tall!

4) A. Amazingly enough, Emperor Penguins have been found to dive as much
as 1500 feet, chasing fish and squid in the cold, dark waters of Antarctica.

5) D. All of the above. Not all penguins live at the South Pole! In South
America, some penguins live on the edge of the desert, and in New
Zealand - they live deep in the forest.

6) B. 5 Miles an hour. Most people think penguins move much faster than
they do, and most penguins can only go about 5 miles an hour. The fastest
penguin is the Emperor that has been measured at almost seven miles an

7) C. Toboggan. When a penguin gets tired of walking they often just slide on
to their smooth bellies and slide along that way. This is called


B. FALSE. Maybe they would if they could, but polar bears live in the Arctic
and penguins live in the Antarctic - so they never see each other!



重新阅读了那些信, 我才发现原来我以前这样爱写信.
通信的朋友是几位育人小学的朋友. 一场比赛让我认识了她们.
写信写了一段时间, 不久因为课业忙, 我们就没通信了.

渐渐地我遗忘了她们, 我的知己......

我不记得好多事情, 留不住许多甜美的回忆.

原来我 "曾 经"是属于写信的时代.
现在都不写信了, 大 家sms, mms, 或email.

前几天, 我收到蘑菇的贺年卡和一个照片的信封.

朋友才是最重要的. 所以我们要珍惜身边关心我们的人.
朋友, 别把我遗忘......
-5.6 那一群可爱的朋友
-smc pandu puteri

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