sorry that I didnt update recently.
Moody... My wallet has lost. My IC and lisence all gone.
I spent RM 30 to settle this problem.
RM 10 for IC ( special price for students , if not I have to pay RM 110 ) and RM 20 for lisence.
I got my lisence on the spot and have to wait 2 more weeks to get my Ic.

27 may My wallet lost in classroom. It is complicated to say what happened.
I shouldnt left my wallet in class. But I did that in convent for 5 years already.
See how safe dato is.
hehe in fact I only realised my wallet has lost when I went to stadium for OKU activity that day.
( we went to sorak, Im not OKU)

It is a new experience to me. First time I went to report police. haha That policeman is nice. His name is Asri. Talked to me the importance of knowledge. Shared with me his bitter early life. when he was young , he got tawaran from UM. but that time his father just died. His mother had to sell land to support them. So he had no money to come to UM from Sabah to study. He gave up the oppportunity and ended up become a police. very dramatic