Date: 6-5-2009
Venue: Wetex Muar
Time: 12.30pm (Sorry, I'm late. hehe)
Objective: Come out have FUN

haha Let's see. Who is present...
Erm , got Qiu Yue, Yee Ying, Yi Wen , Melissa , Me, and Yee Reen.
Sampat TWO! C fffFORrrr CRAZY!!!!!
Boy boy who is playing happily inside. Mel should join him as she is CHILDISH! haha :]
Geokcher VS Yeereen
Yeereen WoN!
(Haiz.. my driving skill... but I very enjoyed pijak minyak)
wakaka I was laughing non-stop when I took this picture. It was damn funny.
Qiuyue and Yeeying WON!
hehe Yeeying and I scored this>>> 42 marks! Tired la. Keep throwing the ball.

After playing..........
Me & Yeeying
Yee reen & I
me & Yiwen
Qiuyue & I
WAH! See... Yeereen is enjoying herself!

WOWW! Qiuyue bought a lot!
(Form 6 grey skirt, white long sleeve shirt, a present for her friend)
A present from mushroom Tan .
She gives me a new address and tel.
Tel: 012-3838338
Cool leh...
The photo she gave me.
*** 这是我们最喜欢的pose - SAMAPT POSE!
唉! 好多照片都是这个Pose, 真是的!
四个巡察员, 竟喜欢在众目睽睽下拍这种照片!
当我妈看到这张 Photo 时, 她说了一句话 -- 年轻真好!
哈哈! 当时我们实在太疯了! 但却疯得很好玩!
虽然我们不能再一起创纪录, 可是我会非常想念 " 当我们疯在一起 在一起 在一起" 的美好时光 的!
还记得我很喜欢在5.6 厕所唱的一首歌吗?
Who lives in the pineapple under the sea? ***
by Melissa

Yeah! Being young is absolutely good! Especially with your friends!!!! I miss them!!! The time we are together! How I wish my form 5 life never ends....